A Different Type of Investor

At Rockbridge Growth Equity, we don’t just talk about building great businesses, we actually do it.  Several of our partners are experienced operators and one of our partners has built Quicken Loans into the nation’s leading online home loan company which has been on FORTUNE Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list 10 years in a row.

We are private equity investors, but we think we’re different from most firms in our business.  With deep industry expertise, the strategic benefits of our “sister companies”, a long-term perspective and a different approach to investing, we think we are uniquely positioned to work with our management teams and partners to building the next generation of great businesses.

We take a different approach to investing than most private equity firms.  Although we are certainly opportunistic, we like to start with the idea and/or the management team and then find the company.  Once we’ve identified the investment opportunity, we work with management to construct the roadmap – or blueprint – for building the business.  Key elements of this blueprint include funding organic growth, pursuing add-on acquisitions, adding additional resources and identifying threads that might help the business realize its full potential.

Taken together, these are the core elements of the Rockbridge Growth Equity investment model.  We start with a deep understanding of our sectors, look for great investment ideas and then work with exceptional people who are passionate about their businesses to execute relentlessly.  It’s not rocket science, but most of business is not.  It has worked quite well for us so far, and we’re confident it can work for your business.