Investment Criteria

At Rockbridge Growth Equity, we are looking to partner with the management teams of profitable, high-growth businesses. We look at the following key criteria when evaluating partnership and investment opportunities:


Developed and profitable companies with significant revenue, a large market and a proven business concept. Ideal investment candidates typically have at least $20 million in revenue and $5 million of EBITDA.


Companies with a differentiated service, large markets and multiple opportunities for growth.


Equity investments of $20 million to greater than $100 million per platform business. Rockbridge Growth Equity will invest smaller amounts where we see a clear path to reaching greater than $20 million of equity capital deployed through subsequent acquisitions. We will consider minority investments with the appropriate governance provisions.


Companies that are enjoying rapid growth or with potential to realize rapid growth.


We are opportunistic and focused on service businesses in general. We have a particular focus on companies in the following sectors:

  • Consumer direct marketing companies – Businesses that either market directly to consumers or that provides service to companies that market directly to consumers, including internet service companies.
  • Business service companies – Broadly defined. This includes companies that provide IT services, health care services and other business services, including third-party services.
  • Financial services businesses – Companies that provide financial service products and services for financial companies, with a particular focus on consumer financial service.
  • Technology – Businesses that provide marketing services to customers in the areas of advertising networks and applications, content networks, interactive entertainment, mobile content & solutions and web & e-Commerce solution.
  • Digital media – Businesses that provide technology services capabilities and solutions in the areas of information technology, software and financial services.
  • Sports media & entertainment companies – Businesses that provide services for sports franchises, media companies (consumer and B2B) and other entertainment companies, particularity those companies that provide services that are complementary with our existing sports, media & entertainment assets.



Companies that need capital for additional growth or companies at an inflection point where the combination of capital and additional resources can serve as a catalyst to accelerate the company’s growth.


We work with the management teams and partners to i) identify growth opportunities, ii) prioritize the opportunities, iii) develop the action plans to achieve the opportunities and iv) identify resources and relationships that can help realize the opportunities.


Rockbridge Growth Equity seeks to partner with experienced managers and entrepreneurs who have a desire to build great businesses. Equity participation is a core element of our philosophy.