Our Family of Companies has an incredibly strong culture that has enabled world-class excellence, innovation and results. This culture is principle-based.  While Rockbridge is private investment firm rather than operating business, we share the same philosophy.  This enables us to focus on investments with managers in companies and strategic initiatives that will drive world-class business results and deliver exceptional returns. Waterfall Compuware Building Detroit

These principals are called “ISMs” and are simple, relatable and, most importantly, alive.  As a result, we have a flat structure without hierarchy.  Every team member has a voice and the chance to make a difference.

Below are a few of the ISMs that relate to Rockbridge’s philosophy:

Obsessed With Finding a Better Way.

Our mission is a never-ending quest to support management teams in finding a better way in every process.  If it’s good, let’s make it great.  If it’s great, let’s take it to an even higher level.  We don’t settle.  We want innovation to be a key priority for every one of our portfolio companies

It’s Not About Who Is Right; It’s About What Is Right.

All decisions should be based on what is right or best decision for clients, team members and companies.  Who is right or wrong is irrelevant.  The title of the person is also irrelevant.  We focus on and pursue the best ideas and decisions.

Ignore The Noise.

We are focused on the key investment and operational opportunities and risks.  We are not distracted by small opportunities and issues whether they are investment, operational or transaction related.  We close expeditiously.  We agree upon and focus on key metrics.  We don’t sell out of fear, but rather re-invest.

A Penny Saved, Is A Penny.

We are looking for businesses with exciting growth opportunities, including existing and new initiatives, lines of business, geographic expansion and acquisitions.  Cost cutting may be necessary but is not the ultimate path to success.

Money and Numbers Follow; They Do Not Lead.

We believe in investing in a business for long-term growth and success.  For example, when creating a platform for scalability, it is often a more expensive platform on current, low volumes.  A scalable platform can create material efficiencies on double or triple the volume – this is where the business achieve operating leverage.  We are constantly investing in innovation to capitalize on future market opportunities.

You’ll See It When You Believe It.

We partner with managers who believe in a shared vision and culture. Companies lacking a shared vision and culture don’t have the tenacity to succeed.  Innovation requires failure.  Pushing through failure is hard – having a culture that knows this is critical to success.  We understand that success is not a linear path and are willing to adjust and re-double our efforts to achieve results.

Innovation Is Rewarded. Execution Is Worshipped.

Ideas and innovation are fundamental to our investment approach.  However, execution creates value.  We recognize this and both carefully track and materially reward outstanding execution.

Do The Right Thing.

We are transparent with and treat partners fairly, including founders, corporate partners, co-investors, managers, employees and customers.