Founded in 2007, Rockbridge Growth Equity is a mid-market private equity firm committed to helping both burgeoning entrepreneurs and established companies accelerate growth and build long-term, sustainable value.

One Objective: Building distinctive and enduring companies

We are singularly focused on working with management to build distinctive and exceptional companies. Our experience tells us that if we do this well, exceptional financial returns will follow.

Our Approach

Building distinctive companies is hard work, and the journey isn’t always a straight line. Our partners indicate that our approach sets us apart from other private equity firms.

  • We believe in winning together.
  • We invest deeply behind growth at all stages of our ownership.
  • We take a long-term perspective.

“Meeting the Rockbridge team was like a breath of fresh air – they were immediately engaging, approachable, and relatable – a rarity in this industry.”

Ritt Carrano, Former CEO, Purchasing Power
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