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Quick Facts

A Premier Provider of Digital Marketing Solutions to Community Professionals

ProSites’ digital marketing solutions provide local professionals (dentists, CPAs, veterinarians, insurance agents, lawyers, and other medical providers) with effective “always on” marketing. These tools improve customer acquisition, heighten local market visibility, and maintain favorable online presence.


An Industry Leader with Enormous Potential

In mid-2019, ProSites was searching for a new financial partner. The company had achieved substantial success with their existing investor, but needed a new partner that could power two key initiatives:

  • Accelerate sales effectiveness
  • Execute strategic M&A to further diversify its end markets

Why Rockbridge

A Partner with Differentiated Capabilities

Rockbridge was well positioned as the ideal partner for ProSites:

  • Rockbridge’s deep digital marketing expertise, network of functional advisors, and ability to invest behind transformative acquisitions gave us the experience needed to execute on the company’s growth plans
  • Our collaborative approach to partnership and long-term view of value creation gave us the ability to invest deeply in scaling sales, marketing, and technology functions

How We Partnered

A Business Poised for Growth

Since partnering with Rockbridge in late 2019, ProSites has benefitted from an outbound M&A strategy and the Rock Family of Companies (“FOC”) network.

In particular, after partnering with Rockbridge, ProSites tapped into the expertise, capabilities, and technology of the FOC to support its growth plans:

  • Leveraged FOC expertise to implement new telephony technology within the sales team
  • Utilized FOC recruiting support to secure additional sales, marketing, and technology talent
  • Invested heavily behind new sales and marketing channels and scaling sales teams

Transformational Acquisitions

ProSites and Rockbridge have worked together to rapidly expand capabilities, geographic coverage, and unlock revenue synergies through several transformational acquisitions, including:

  • Nifty Marketing – a provider of marketing services to lawyers, with extensive SEO experience through backlinking
  • Lifelearn Animal Health – a provider of digital marketing services, workflow management solutions, and client education solutions to veterinarians
  • Checkpoint Marketing for Firms – a provider of digital marketing solutions to accountants, with broad content marketing capabilities

By The Numbers

Collaborative Partnership Creates Meaningful Value

ProSites has achieved considerable success during the first two-and-a-half years of its partnership with Rockbridge:

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