GreenLancer makes Subcontracting Design and Engineering EASY for Installers of Solar systems and Telecom antenna arrays. GreenLancer’s solar marketplace of standardized services has been trusted by over 3,500 Solar Contractors to subcontract designs and engineering on over 75,000 solar projects.

Inspiration comes from how Henry Ford disrupted manufacturing by introducing the assembly line over 100 years ago. Today at, customers can digitize their workflows and transform their business operations into lean, assembly-lines-of-the-21st-century by tapping GreenLancer’s winning combination of the latest technologies with the distributed workforce of the Gig Economy. Henry Ford once said, “My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” Today, GreenLancer brings out the best in its customers by curing their pain with efficient ways to instantly scale-up their business through its innovative web-based, tech-based services.